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My words help patients navigate health care, turn recruiting into stories, and highlight innovation in manufacturing.


I infuse home descriptions with warmth, travel narratives with adventure, and make consumer goods compelling.


In this diverse landscape, I bridge the gap between digital marketers and their audiences, creating copy that builds brands, boosts sales, and forges lasting connections.


My goal is to craft stories that resonate, ensuring they're not just heard, but felt and remembered.


I'm a marketing copywriter and content strategist.

“Brittany’s performance, not only her writing, but her overall marketing contributions are excellent. The feedback I have gotten from others within the organization who have worked with Brittany directly is overwhelmingly positive. I have found that it is hard to find people with such a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to an every-changing workload and Brittany does just that.” 


Featured services

Engaging website copy connects you with your target audience, boosting sales and fostering consumer loyalty. From captivating blogs to convincing landing pages, impactful digital content is crucial for your brand's success.


SEO copywriting boosts your website's search ranking, drawing in quality leads while building domain authority and consumer trust. By implementing a keyword strategy and creating relevant content, SEO enhances user engagement.



Scriptwriting is essential for video marketing, capturing attention and boosting conversions. It’s pivotal for business growth and building customer relationships. From social ads to instructional videos, engaging scripts encourage users to take action.

Email marketing is vital in your sales funnel, turning leads into customers and keeping them interested. With the right content, you'll see improved deliverability and more website visits from abandoned-cart reminders or re-engagement campaigns.


Featured Work

Let’s work together.

116 Union Ave., Altoona, PA 16602


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