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Plastic Surgery Microsite

St. Luke’s University Health Network


A non-profit, regional, fully integrated, and nationally recognized health care provider. They operate 12 hospital sites and over 300 outpatient sites, encompassing a wide range of medical services. 


A strategic overhaul of the plastic surgery section on the St. Luke's website, aiming to enhance user engagement and information accessibility.


  • User-friendly information: Prioritized clarity and ease of understanding, focusing on the benefits for patients.

  • Detailed descriptions: Provided in-depth, clear details about each procedure, ensuring comprehensive information was available directly on our site.

  • Strategic calls to action: Incorporated calls to action at key points, guiding users towards next steps and enhancing engagement, reinforcing our site as a go-to resource for plastic surgery.


Plastics - 1.jpg


(April 2023 vs. December 2023)

SEO keyword ranking

  • 1396 keywords

  • 166% increase from 525 keywords

Bounce rate

  • 27% bounce rate, down from 51%

  • 36% lower than site average

Engagement time

  • 1 minute and 26 seconds engagement time

  • 61% increase from 1 minute


This project highlighted the effectiveness of strategic content optimization. It significantly improved user engagement, boosted SEO performance, and enhanced overall site usability.


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